Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Gave At The Office

I received a request for a donation by my alma mater, Brooklyn College, the other day. It informed me that I can buy a personalized brick for either $500 or $1000 (depending on size) which will be part of a new plaza to be constructed on campus. To further motivate me to contribute, the college invoked President Obama's sacred visage, seeking to raise their fundraising efforts to the level of a holy cause. It cited Obama's view that increased funding in education is a vital investment in our country's future.
I took away a different message than the one the school wanted to present. Remember, Obama claims that it's the lack of government spending on heath care, energy and education that led to our current economic distress. Not private but government subsidized education is what he's advocating. Since I am coerced (as is the rest of the 60% of Americans who still pay federal income taxes) into paying for this increase in education funding, I don't feel the need to contribute privately. Besides, Obama would like to reduce the tax deduction for charitable contributions. This clearly shows his preference for government mandated funding, which is a common theme of liberals. Some, like Ralph Nader, would like to eliminate private charitable donations entirely so as to exert additional government control over the lives of its citizens.
Sorry, BC. Taking my cue from the President, I'll be making my donation involuntarily via Washington. With luck you might even get some of it. And I'll have to seek immortality in a different venue than my school's new brick plaza.

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