Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coordinating Job Coordination Organizers

I used to work with a man who had spent some time in East Germany when it was still the German "Democratic" Republic. In the lobby of his hotel he would watch as three people would circulate, cleaning the ashtrays that were situated on various tables. One person would pick up an ashtray and hand it to a second person. That person would wipe the ashtray clean, then hand it to the third person who would place it back down on a table. This process went on perpetually with the three workers being replaced with another three once their shift ended. It continued even when no one was smoking. Jobs of this sort allowed Communist bloc countries to claim "full employment" despite their basket case economies.
As the Obama administration implements its programs to "create" or "save" 3.2 million or 2.4 million jobs or whatever other number it pulls out of thin air, much worthless, taxpayer funded busywork like ashtray cleaning will result.
For a look at our impending brave new world (and a smile) read Mark Steyn's latest on NRO. A sample.

I don’t want to give the impression that every job funded by the stimulus is a job coordinating the public awareness of programs for grant applications to coordinate the funding of public awareness coordination programs funded by the stimulus. SEVCA (South Eastern Vermont Community Action) is also advertising for a “Job Readiness Program Coordinator.” This is a job coordinating the program that gets people ready to get a job. For example, it occurred to me, after reading the ad, that I might like to be a “Job Readiness Program Coordinator.” But am I ready for it? Increasing numbers of us are hopelessly unready for jobs. Ever since last November, many Americans have been ready for free health care, free daycare, free college, free mortgages — and, once you get a taste for that, it’s hardly surprising you’re not ready for gainful employment. I only hope there are enough qualified “Job Readiness Program Coordinators” out there, and that they don’t have to initiate a Job Readiness Program Coordinator Readiness Program. As the old novelty song once wondered, “Who Takes Care of the Caretaker’s Daughter While the Caretaker’s Busy Taking Care?” Who coordinates programs for the Job Readiness Program Coordinator while the Job Readiness Program Coordinator’s busy readying for his job? If you hum it, I’ll put in for the stimulus funding.

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