Saturday, March 28, 2015

Obama's Honorable Deserter

“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools. I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”
-- Bowe Bergdahl

"Bergdahl served the United States with honor and distinction."
-- National Security Advisor Susan Rice

"Following an extended investigation, the U.S. Army last week announced serious charges against Sgt. Robert “Bowe” Bergdahl, the soldier who was captured by the Taliban in 2009 while serving in Afghanistan, then released last May through a prisoner exchange. The Army is seeking a court-martial on the charge of desertion plus the even graver charge of “misbehavior before the enemy.” Bergdahl, if convicted, could serve life in prison."
-- L.A. Times, 3/27/2015

Barack Obama with Bergdahl's parents in the Rose Garden celebrating the May exchange - Bowe for five terrorists.

In his weekly G-file feature, Jonah Goldberg presents a spot-on analysis of the sordid Bowe Bergdahl affair. As much as anyone, and more than most, Goldberg gets Obama and his allies on the left.

What I find interesting about the Bergdahl story is that it is the quintessential Obama fiasco. If you were compiling a checklist of all the things that drive conservatives crazy — and by conservatives I basically mean people who are (a) paying attention and (b) not enthralled in the Obama cult of personality — the Bergdahl story would achieve a near-perfect score.
After explaining Bergdahl, Goldberg extends his discussion to the Obama produced mess in the Middle East. The article makes too many good points to excerpt. Read it all.
Also this by Jonah about McCarthyism. (Initiated by comments made by Charles C. W. Cooke)

Whenever people on the right make an argument about “the new McCarthyism” or the “real McCarthyites” today, they buy into the liberal narrative about the old McCarthyism. I don’t go nearly as far as the recently departed M. Stanton Evans (Rest in Peace, Happy Warrior) in defending McCarthy. I think there was much to criticize about the man and his tactics. But McCarthy was on the right side of a very big and important argument. The premise of The Crucible is that anti-Communism was analogous to phobias about imaginary witches. The analogy doesn’t hold. There may have been no real witches in Salem, but there most definitely were Stalinists in our government and elsewhere in American life who were loyal to a foreign power and eager to undermine our country. Maybe the threat was exaggerated. But you can’t exaggerate a lie. It was a simple, real, and palpable truth — unlike the premise of The Crucible, a mediocre play that remains popular because it turns an inconvenient truth into a lie and casts the truth-tellers as deranged and paranoid liars.

Friday, March 6, 2015

A "Global Warming" "Denier" Speaks Out

Dr. Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT, with a WSJ op-ed on efforts to silence critics of the climate hysteria industry.

Research in recent years has encouraged those of us who question the popular alarm over allegedly man-made global warming. Actually, the move from “global warming” to “climate change” indicated the silliness of this issue. The climate has been changing since the Earth was formed. This normal course is now taken to be evidence of doom.’s worth noting that all predictions of warming since the onset of the last warming episode of 1978-98—which is the only period that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) attempts to attribute to carbon-dioxide emissions—have greatly exceeded what has been observed. These observations support a much reduced and essentially harmless climate response to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.

...World leaders proclaim that climate change is our greatest problem, demonizing carbon dioxide. Yet atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have been vastly higher through most of Earth’s history. Climates both warmer and colder than the present have coexisted with these higher levels.
Currently elevated levels of carbon dioxide have contributed to increases in agricultural productivity. Indeed, climatologists before the recent global warming hysteria referred to warm periods as “climate optima.” Yet world leaders are embarking on costly policies that have no capacity to replace fossil fuels but enrich crony capitalists at public expense, increasing costs for all, and restricting access to energy to the world’s poorest populations that still lack access to electricity’s immense benefits.

Billions of dollars have been poured into studies supporting climate alarm, and trillions of dollars have been involved in overthrowing the energy economy. So it is unsurprising that great efforts have been made to ramp up hysteria, even as the case for climate alarm is disintegrating.