Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hope and Change

Since we're stuck with President Obama for at least four years, the best we can hope for is that he will change. There are signs, precious few to be sure, but signs nonetheless that, yes, he can.
Two recent examples.
To implement the Iraq-like surge of an additional 17,000 troops in Afghanistan, General David McKiernan has been replaced by General Stanley McChrystal as top commander with General David Rodriguez as second in command. The moves have been universally praised (see e.g. - Max Boot link below) and show that Obama is serious about winning that war.,0,1278653.story

Then just today, Obama reversed himself on the release of those incendiary prisoner abuse photos, now saying that he'll fight against making them public. To see why this is a welcome flip see Andrew McCarthy's article in NRO yesterday.

Protect American lives or please the far left and the ACLU. An easy choice obviously, but one that until today, Obama was threatening to screw up. That he ultimately didn't is cause to rejoice.

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