Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Timothy Geithner cheated the IRS and now he runs the IRS. That’s change I don’t believe in. I hope he goes away.

The Dems say it’s patriotic to pay taxes. (Not that they pay it themselves). I guess those Boston Tea Party celebrants were unpatriotic. Sorry, no. It’s the absence of government coercion that made (makes) America unique and great.

Know how the MSM blamed everything that ever went wrong on Bush? Well, notice how the market takes a dive every time Obama or one of his cronies opens his/her mouth. The press hasn't made that connection. And, BTW, Barack’s been talking a lot. You want to fix the economy, Mr. President? Hush up.

Among Obama's wrongheaded executive orders are the ones directing the Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, to issue final rules for cranking up fuel economy standards from 22.5 mpg in 2011 to 35 mpg by 2020. He also directed EPA head Lisa Jackson to reassess a request by California (Thanks, Arnold) to establish limits on CO2 emissions. President Bush wisely rejected the request in December, 2007.
With the U.S. automakers struggling to survive, these measures could well be the final nail in the coffin. Even in the best of times, automakers spending on research and development isn't limitless. They will now be forced to invest in improving their fleets' mpg average while neglecting a much more worthwhile project, auto safety. Technology exists today that could significantly reduce the horrific death toll on American roads, around 40,000 annually. One researcher familiar with the subject estimates that this number could be halved with proper investment in development. Instead, that money will chase an endeavor that will have zero benefits - no effect at all on air quality or 'climate change'.
The left, so utterly dismayed by the six year death toll of around 4,000 Americans in Iraq, is blithely unconcerned about a total of ten times that, every year.

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