Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hooray WSJ

There've been some good columns in the WSJ the past couple of days focusing on the war we're fighting and how the American people, press and leaders see (and often misread) it.
Yesterday, Dorothy Rabinowitz described the vacuousness of Obama's moralizing and the dangers it presents. I would like to see her write more often. Her columns are always pointed and well argued.
Today there are these these :
Daniel Henninger on our success in Iraq and how it can be the model for real change in the mideast if Obama doesn't squander it.
William McGurn on the hypocrisy of the Democrats concerning coercive interrogation of terrorists.
Judea Pearl (Daniel Pearl's father) on the moral decrepitude of apologists for terrorism. (Jimmy Carter and Bill Moyers are used as examples).
For those willfully blind who insist on displaying those inane posters and bumper stickers, "End the War", there's this from Henninger :

al Qaeda was a no-show on Saturday (for the Iraqi national elections). Meanwhile, more U.S. soldiers died in accidents (12) than in combat (4) for the month of January. The war is over.

And, deeply disappointing to the left, in Iraq, we’ve won.

A couple of days ago, I likened that madcap trio, Obama, Reid, Pelosi to the Three Stooges. Since then, I've done a Google search of that connection and sure enough there are plenty of examples. Honestly, I was unaware that the comparison had already been made. I should have known though - the similarities are just too striking.

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