Thursday, February 12, 2009

More 'Stimulus' Points

Thomas Sowell made a good point about the 'urgency' of the 'stimulus' package. Obama needs to get the package through quickly, not because the economy is in imminent danger of collapsing without it but to be able to take credit for the recovery, which will occur with or without the 'stimulus'.

To my liberal friends : How would you respond to a solicitor who comes to your door demanding a donation to the Milwaukee school system for new construction, even though current facilities are of very good quality and under utilized, and none of the money can go to its charter school program which does a better job educating its students at about half the cost? Oh, and also how about donating to a Filipino WW2 veterans fund and livestock insurance and fixing up the National Mall and condoms for the poor and dozens of other "worthy" spending projects? This is one solicitor you can't just tell to go away either. You will make the donations and so will your children and grandchildren.

There is a potential silver lining to the passage of this thing. It should make it more difficult for Obama and friends to spend any additional money on stuff like government sponsored universal health care or 'global warming'.

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