Monday, February 9, 2009

The Write Stuff

One of the pleasures in life for me is reading well written, intelligent, conservative commentary. Humor enhances the experience, though some very good writers are just deadly serious. I've comprised a list of writers whose bylines are enough to get my attention, regardless of the subject they're writing about.
Jonah Goldberg - Funny, expert in ideological philosophy and very good at refuting leftist arguments.
Charles Krauthammer - Like Goldberg, excellent at picking apart opposing viewpoints. The best of the Fox News panelists.
Victor Davis Hanson and Ralph Peters - Serious, knowledgeable commentators on military matters.
Amir Taheri, Fouad Ajami, Michael Ledeen - Experts on the Middle East and Islam.
Bert Prelutsky - Very funny and he's good at expressing his incomprehension of the popularity of liberal dogma. (especially as personified by Obama).
Ann Coulter - Liberals hate her because she sounds just like them only with a 180 degree different viewpoint. She's a lot funnier though. Great at insulting those who need it.
David Horowitz and Norman Podhoretz - A couple of true neocons (converted liberals). Very sober, generally pessimistic writers. Don't write columns often. Read their books.
Brent Bozell and Bernard Goldberg - Media bias experts. Bozell often writes about the pervading left wing influence on the culture, especially Hollywood.
Christopher Hitchens - I know he's not really conservative, but he's an excellent writer and he appreciates the wonder of Western Civilization and why it's worth fighting for. His support of the liberation of Iraq was unflagging.
Jay Nordlinger - Sort of a folksy style. Like Prelutsky, comments directed often at the irrationality of the left. Good at pointing out the atrocities occurring in Cuba and China.
Rob Long - Former "Cheers" screenwriter. Misses sometimes but his hits are very funny.
John Derbyshire - OK writer. I like him much better as a speaker on NRO's "Radio Derb".
Ross Douthat - "Crunchy conservative", but he's a good movie reviewer for NR.
Dorothy Rabinowitz - Always good, but doesn't write political columns very often.
Michelle Malkin - Tiny Asian woman who agressively and relentlessly attacks left wing nuttiness.
Thomas Sowell - Good on economic issues and the myths of liberal economics. His "Random Thoughts" are fun to read (I would have used that as the title of my blog if he hadn't taken it first). He also likes baseball and that's always a plus. Also, he's a member of that most courageous of groups - black conservatives - speaking of which there's -
Shelby Steele and Larry Elder - Always ready and willing to expose race hucksters like Jackson and Sharpton as the frauds they are.
Mona Charen, Rich Lowry, Daniel Henninger, George Will, Michael Medved, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes (a better writer than panelist on Fox News) - All good on general conservative issues.
And Mark Steyn. Funny, (very funny), acerbic, knowledgeable and worldly, with a profound understanding of the threats to America and Western Civilization. (Demography is paramount). Happily confronts and debunks opposing ideas and attitudes. Thus the title of his column, Happy Warrior - which is the first thing I read upon receiving National Review every two weeks. Rivals Ann Coulter in insulting the insultable. My favorite - John Edwards, Oleaginous Creep. (And this was before anyone knew about his infidelity to his cancer stricken wife). Steyn should compile some of his best columns into a book and title it, "This Is The Way Things Are".

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