Friday, February 6, 2009

Leftwing perversions

Some ideas or positions held by those on the left aren't just unwise or thoughtless, they're perverse. Absolutely nuts. Reading or hearing about them I sometimes feel like I'm living in the Bizarro world of Superman fame. For example :

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can rant about America as the Great Satan and how Iran will obliterate Israel. For this, leftists will actually cheer, as they did at Columbia University last year. What does upset them was his sayng that there are no homosexuals in Iran, a stupid, objectionable statement, but minor compared to his more egregious ones. (And BTW, please explain to me why Ahmadinejad is welcome in New York but a great successful American corporation - the largest employer in the country, Wal-Mart, is not).

Speaking of successful American corporations like Wal-Mart, Exxon, Microsoft, Merck, and even McDonald's. Why are these attacked by those on the left, while unsuccessful, failing enterprises like the banks and auto companies are rewarded? Sadly, it's not only Democrats who do this - Bush/Paulson are after all the authors of the TARP and McCain regularly attacked big Pharma during the campaign. But liberals have it programmed in their DNA. And they do it for the same reason they favor, with numerous entitlements, unproductive, unemployed slackers while hardworking, productive individuals are punished with confiscatory taxes. It's the socialist mindset that any inequity is unfair (oh no!!) and must be corrected even if there's a very good reason for that inequity.

And why are good, patriotic, peace and freedom loving Americans like Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft despised and compared to Hitler, while evil monsters like Mao Zedong and Che Guevara are glorified? Consider that Obama campaign site that sported a Che poster. Imagine if a wall at a McCain site had posted a large photo of Heinrich Himmler. Think that would have passed by unnoticed?

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