Friday, November 13, 2009


I've just watched the Fox News panel as they discussed the Obama administration's latest abomination - the decision to try five 9/11 terrorists in a civilian court in New York. Steve Hayes, Nina Easton and Charles Krauthammer all agreed that it's a horrendous decision. They went through all the obvious drawbacks - the possibility of a terrorist attack on the court, the potential that classified material of value to terrorists could be made public, the near certainty that the defendants will use the trial as a forum to spew their hate-filled ideology, the possibility that there will be a hung jury or even acquittals. And then the real reason for Obama's choice of venue - that the defendants will spotlight how they were treated and interrogated and that the trial will become a trial of the Bush administration. And you can be sure it will attract all the best lefty lawyers in the country - thrilled to do this pro bono for a shot at the evil Bush - Cheney cabal.
This whole thing is a joke. Attorney General Eric Holder was asked what would happen if the defendants were acquitted. His answer was that they won't be. What the hell kind of response is that? Easton said that he might hope for that outcome, but there's no guarantee and there shouldn't be. After all, Obama has now granted these illegal enemy combatants the same constitutional rights every American citizen now enjoys. But in reality, he didn't. Hayes and Krauthammer both pointed out that there's no way these terrorists would ever be released, even if they are acquitted. So what's the effing point? Obviously, a partisan show trial. Krauthammer noted that we're now giving the terrorists their second shot at us. A decade after 9/11, the terrorists will get to hit us again - this time with their vitriolic propaganda. And Barack's providing the stage. They must be doing cartwheels in the caves of the Hindu Kush right now.
I hope this thing blows up in Obama's face. I hope for a PR disaster. I hope for acquittals (just blocks from the scene of the horrific crime). I hope this thing becomes the thing that destroys this worthless, despicable, destructive presidency.

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