Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Combatting Terrorists' Enablers

The case for President Bush's wildly successful approach to counter-terrorism can't be stated often enough. Repetition is necessary to counter the torrent of dangerous leftist nonsense about protecting the "civil rights" of illegal enemy combatants. That ACLU-speak garbage was espoused (in a Bill O'Reilly interview) by Scott Fenstermaker, a member of the legal team that will be defending the 9/11 five in civilian court. Spouting self-congratulatory faux moralizations, Fenstermaker is both obscene and evasive. Clear thinkers want to get angry? Watch the interview.


That Fenstermaker and his colleagues will now be allowed to assist mass murderers in making their case against the U.S. government, or rather, the Bush administration, is the wholly intended consequence of the Obama-Holder decision to hold the trial in a civilian court. Indeed, Holder had been one of those colleagues that helped prevent the swift application of justice for the 9/11 terrorists (as the Thiessen article cited below makes clear). Now he hypocritically lays all the blame on Bush for the delay.
Fortunately, we do have vigorous defenders and advocates of just, common sense policies designed to defend American citizens from terrorism. Dick Cheney, for one, has been especially effective in that regard. Another, Marc Thiessen (usatoday.com) details the specific life-saving intelligence that was obtained from Khalid Sheik Mohammed by the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques (aka - waterboarding). The concluding paragraph,

The Bush administration's first priority was not putting KSM on trial; it was getting intelligence so we could save lives. Under Obama and Holder, that is no longer America's first priority. Today, the United States has given up the capability to effectively interrogate terrorists like KSM. We have returned to the failed law enforcement mentality of the 1990s, where we read terrorists their Miranda rights instead of questioning them to stop attacks. We are in greater danger as a result.


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