Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In my post regarding health care reform on Monday (11/23), I wrote, "Reid, Pelosi and Obama are probably willing to sacrifice temporary control of Congress to achieve that holy grail of socialism - permanent government control of health care."

In his WSJ column on the same topic on Tuesday (11/24), William McGurn wrote,

Now he (Joe Lieberman) threatens to filibuster what for many Democrats is the Holy Grail: a vast new health-care entitlement.

In that same post (11/23) I also wrote, "There are two powerful competing forces at work. The Democrats with complete control of the legislative and executive branches versus millions of individuals "standing athwart history, yelling 'stop!'"

In a column discussing the health care debate in NRO today (11/25), Jonah Goldberg had this to say,

Democrats insist they’re pushing for health-care reform against a political headwind because “history” compels them to. Republicans are standing athwart “history” yelling, “Stop!”

Now, I'm not going to flatter myself by believing that those two distinguished gentlemen actually read my posts and used my phrasings for their columns. After all, the Holy Grail is a well worn metaphorical device and William F. Buckley's conservative creed is well known. But it is mildly intriguing that both writers used the same figures of speech in the same context that I had - in the first case that the proposed health care legislation is akin to a holy grail for Democrats (I had said socialists, but same difference), and in the second case that those opposed to the Democrats proposal invoke WFB's slogan. Piquing my curiosity further is that both columns appeared within a day or two of my post.
A couple of similar instances of copycatting the language in my blog has occurred previously. I think I'll continue to make note of them. If they happen often enough I may start demanding acknowledgements.

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