Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Obama-Clinton Criminal Conspiracy

Andrew McCarthy reviews the appalling failure of the FBI and the Obama DOJ to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her felonious activity as Secretary of State. This is a summation of McCarthy's numerous writings on the subject. Consult those for more detailed discussions.

From NR Editors -- The latest revelations from the Obama-Clinton email scandal.

The Clinton e-mail scandal is also the Obama e-mail scandal. Because the president’s e-mails would be admissible as evidence in the event of a Clinton prosecution; because it would then become clear that the president himself had sent classified information over a non-secure e-mail server, the communications of high-level executive officials with the president being presumptively classified; and because the president could not formally invoke executive privilege without tacitly admitting Clinton’s guilt — the president could not let any prosecution go forward. Huma Abedin’s requesting a copy of a Clinton–Obama e-mail exchange from investigators suggests she was canny enough to grasp the point at once.

It will be years before the details of this tangled saga are fully known; they may never be. But we know enough to predict that a Clinton administration would be like an Obama administration: rotten from the top down.

Jonah Goldberg --

In a normal election year with a normal GOP nominee, the WikiLeaks revelations might prove fatal to Clinton’s candidacy. Instead, it seems almost a sure thing that they will poison Clinton’s presidency for years to come. The allegations of pay-for-play between her foundation and the State Department, her speeches to Wall Street, the animosity of some of her closest advisers for Catholics: All of these things will have a long half-life. As will her manifest lies about the use of her private server.

The big takeaway from the final Trump-Clinton debate is that Trump continued to refuse to say that he would concede defeat if the voting didn't go his way. "I'll keep you in suspense", he said. This is, of course, an egregious affront to the legitimacy of the electoral system, and a not so subtle call to violence by supporters so inclined. But aside from that, there is probably a significant cohort of undecided voters who are intrigued by Trump's threat to "keep them in suspense" and would vote against him just to see if he'd follow through.
What a moron.

The aforementioned Andy McCarthy is one person who thinks that the outrage over Trump's ambiguity about accepting the election results is being blown way out of proportion --

Jim Geraghty --

Trump wasn’t fueled to the top of the GOP presidential primary by his ideas and agenda. He was fueled by his decades of status as a celebrity and reality-show host, a long history of appearances on Fox News, enthusiastic support from figures like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Matt Drudge, and the decision of the cable-news networks to cover a lot of his campaign events live, something they never did for any of his rivals. (He was also helped by the fact that the GOP primary electorate never faced a binary choice between Trump and one of his rivals, because John Kasich really, really, really needed to demonstrate that he could be elected president of Ohio.)

James Kirchick (Daily Beast) lists who he considers the top 25 collaborators enabling Donald Trump's rise to the GOP nomination. Kirchick includes some groups (e.g. - the 14 million Trump primary voters) and institutions (e.g. - the RNC) on his list. Two blameworthy candidates not mentioned are Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

Mona Charen is listing on Twitter some of the good guys - conservative writers and politicians who fought against a Trump nomination from the beginning and who've held firm throughout the campaign. Here is my compilation. I'm sure I'm leaving out many deserving others.

Writers and Commentators -- Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson, Stephen Hayes, David French, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Jay Nordlinger, Mona Charen, Jim Geraghty, Leon Wolf, Charles C. W. Cooke, Caleb Howe, Erick Erickson, Stephen Miller, Dan McGlaughlin, John Podhoretz, Ian Tuttle, Rich Lowry, Bret Stephens, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Noah Rothman, John Ziegler, S.E. Cupp, Glenn Beck, James Kirchick, Matt Walsh, Charlie Sykes, Guy Benson, Katie Pavlich, Jay Cost, Ross Douthat, Richard Epstein, and the King of Twitter, David Burge.

Politicians -- Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, The Bushes - George H. W., George W., and Jeb, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Mike Lee, Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, Larry Hogan, Carly Fiorina. There are others who have wavered somewhat but remain mostly opposed. A fuller list (as of June) is linked here --

John Kasich is a special case. Though he has consistently and resolutely refused to endorse Trump, his failing to exit the primary race long after it was clear he had no chance, did much to help Trump secure the nomination by splitting the anti-Trump vote.

One prominent conservative writer who backs Trump over Hillary is Mark Steyn. As usual, he presents a strong case --

And another (who Steyn quotes in his article) is Victor Davis Hanson --

It is understandable that quality thinkers like Steyn and Hanson would support Trump when one considers the horrendous alternative. I understand, I just don't quite agree, that there would be an appreciable difference in negative consequences by electing either Trump or Clinton. They're both awful in different ways. However, saying that Trump is the lesser of two evils is far different than saying that he was a superior, or the superior candidate in the GOP field. The short, understated response to that argument is, No.

The Anti-Defamation League has identified the most frequent targets of anti-Semitic tweets this year and leading the pack by far is the estimable Ben Shapiro with 38% (!!) of the total, about four times his nearest competitor. Shapiro is justly proud of his achievement, knowing that he's annoying the right people.

In another article, Shapiro predicts that whoever is the GOP's next presidential candidate will be stigmatized as "worse than Trump". This is undoubtedly true.

He is the worst major-party candidate in history.

He’s a gaffe machine. He’s an evil racist who wants to return black people to slavery. He’s a brutal sexist who wants to return women to the subservience of the 1950s.

He’s a nasty warmonger who doesn’t get the fundamental intricacies of modern foreign policy, with the Manichean worldview to match. He’s an old homophobe with a history of cruelty to workers.

Think we’re talking about Donald Trump?

No, we’re talking about Mitt Romney circa 2012. That’s how the media painted one of the most honorable men ever to run for the White House, the creator of Romneycare, a northeastern Republican with a penchant for compromise and negotiation. Mitt Romney, the left claimed, was no John McCain — that halcyon of moderation and decency.

Now, of course, the media tells us that Donald Trump is a massive departure from the legacy of John McCain and Mitt Romney. He’s beyond the pale! He panders to racists! He’s a vicious sexist and sexual assaulter! He’s uninformed, unstable, ignorant, stupid! Why, compared to Mitt Romney, the man’s a monster!

Much of this may be true in a way it simply wasn’t about Romney. But by 2020, Donald Trump will be the new standard of civility and decency according to the Left. If Republicans nominate a real conservative, Democrats in the media and politics will immediately label that candidate far more extreme than Trump. They’ll pine for the wonderful days when a career Democrat such as Trump could win the Republican nomination — a man who said he liked Planned Parenthood, wanted to expand entitlement programs, backed government-sponsored maternity leave, wanted to close tax loopholes, didn’t care if men used ladies rooms! That Trump — boy, was he a moderate. But this New Guy — what a terror! What a horror!

...Such cries will be replayed and amplified in 2020 no matter who Republicans nominate, because presumably Republicans won’t repeat the mistake of nominating a Democrat. Democrats in the media would prefer two Democrats battling it out for the White House. This is their favorite election ever: not only do they get a Democrat running against a Democrat posing as a Republican, they get to castigate the Democrat posing as a Republican as a racist and sexist, then smear other Republicans with him.

And last, but far from least...Kevin Williamson penned a letter to the future President Clinton with recommendations regarding the 2nd Amendment. Kevin routinely writes brilliantly. This piece surpasses that high standard.

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