Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Libertarian Case For A Strong Military

Kevin Williamson --
"The American military presence around the world is the result of a set of policies that are neither self-sacrificing, as Trump imagines, or deviously self-interested, which is the usual criticism made by the Left. Ersatz nationalists of the Trumpkin variety and left-wing anti-Americans both are blinded to the actual nature of that policy, because both are blinded to the actual nature of the United States, which is this: It is good. Not perfect, but not merely better than the alternatives offered up so far by history.

The comparative claim is easy to make: A world in which the Allied forces prevail, led by the military and economic might of the United States, is inarguably preferable to a world in which Adolf Hitler and his imitators prevail. A world in which the United States wins the Cold War is preferable to one in which there is only stalemate, or — incalculably worse — dominated by the Soviet Union. A world dominated by liberal government and international cooperation is preferable to one dominated by totalitarian Islam or backward South American national socialism on the Chávez model.

But the United States is not merely representative of something better than those approaches; it is representative of something good. It is, irrespective of the alternatives, in and of itself a force for liberty, decency, human dignity, and human flourishing, and it has been for centuries."

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