Monday, May 12, 2014

The Genius Advocate

Bill Whittle is, in the best sense of the term, a gifted performer. If his politics veered left he'd be a Comedy Central prime-time TV star or he'd host a late night network talk show. As it is, he's virtually unknown to mainstream America.
Entertaining and funny, very funny, Whittle communicates ideas, very good ideas, intelligently and with conviction. He's the most effective conservative polemicist there is, certainly better than Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or even Ann Coulter. His delivery is smooth as glass and he can do it without a teleprompter, unlike you know who.
Compare any of Whittle's scriptless speeches with those of Obama's. It's like Michael Jordan vs. Wayne Molis (Only die-hard 1960s Knicks fans will get that reference). And Obama is supposed to be the great orator of our time. Really.
Actually, he's lost without his teleprompter. Here he is speaking without his crutch a few weeks ago at the University of Michigan. This is a friendly crowd obviously, laughing even at the president's awful attempts at humor.
Despite his rapport with the audience, Obama is slow and hesitant, pausing at length as he tries to think of his next line. His ineptitude as a speaker (as well as in other, more vital areas) is the result of, as Whittle puts it, a third rate mind and a fourth rate work ethic.

In contrast watch Bill Whittle speaking. The situations linked below are similar to the one involving Obama - expressing ideological talking points to an audience favorably disposed to hearing them. - part one - part two

Whittle is also excellent at making concise arguments on specific issues, for example, on the poor in America, the Trayvon Martin case and wealth creation. One of Whittle's videos, his disdainful attack on the "occupy movement", has generated more than 2.5 million hits.

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