Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catering To The Biases Of The Left

Can't keep up. Kevin Williamson unleashes his fearsome rhetoric again, this time at New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for dissociating itself from the views of a Christian group to which it had sold advertising space. The MTA had not previously issued any similar disclaimers for the multitudes of its other patrons which include alcohol peddlers, ambulance chasers and terrorist organizations.

Christians and other religious people, and cultural traditionalists of all stripes, very often complain that far from wanting to use political power to impose their religious views on others, they would be happy to be left alone, or at least to have the services of public institutions that do not regard them as something somewhere between an enemy and an infection. The filth and bile that are part of public life everywhere in this country, not least in New York City, are taken as the price we pay for freedom of speech, thought, and conscience, which they are — but if you have a message or an idea that intersects with religion (and, let’s be honest, mostly with Christianity), then you are a political suspect. The very constitutional provisions that we wrote to protect the free exercise of religion have been perverted into excuses for restricting religious expression, and the cultural deck has been, in no small part through the actions of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, stacked against the very tradition that was and is the cultural foundation of our society.


In his article, Williamson refers to a post he made a few months ago about a New York storage company whose idea of self-promotion involves the use of left wing boilerplate propaganda.

Advertisements for Manhattan Mini Storage are the wallpaper of New York City, and they frequently contain beef-witted anti-Republican and leftish invective of one sort or another, e.g. “Vote your conscience in this next election. Or just vote Republican.” It is banal stuff and, given the local political conditions, cowardly, too. But if there is one thing that New Yorkers love, it is being flattered by having their biases endorsed.


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