Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The (Alleged) Rapist And His Enabler

As part of their 2014 and 2016 election strategy, Democrats are currently engaging in attacks on the "rape culture" on college campuses. Aside from diverting the discussion away from the Obamacare disaster, the Obama administrations' countless scandals, its fabrication of obstacles to economic growth, and its ineptitude in managing foreign affairs, the tactic fits in with the Party's overall "GOP War On Women" theme. [Men vote Republican (In 2012, Romney won among men, 54%-46%); Men rape women; Democrats are here to protect women from rape]. With this in mind, and with Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president a near inevitability, a review of the rape issue as it pertains to her is in order.



Conservatives are sometimes accused of overindulging in the "What if Bush did it?" game, but it is certainly appropriate here. If a prominent Republican, especially one considering a run for the presidency, had been the target of the charges made in these videos, wouldn't he/she, absent a convincing exculpating response, be ignominiously forced to withdraw from public life? Would the story have been relegated to obscurity as it has been when the (alleged) perpetrators are Democrats? Wouldn't the person making the charges instantly become an honored celebrity with an invitation to make a prime time speech at the Democratic National Convention?

(That's actually a good idea. Have Juanita Broadderick tell her story at the 2016 RNC).

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