Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Worse and Worse

I noticed a curious bumper sticker yesterday - "Pray For Obama". This is a significant attitude change. (Assuming the request is from a fan). I thought Obama was God. It seems that he's coming up short in that regard. Anyway, I have a prayer for him. (With apologies to "Fiddler On The Roof").
May God bless and keep the President...far away from us.
Actually, I'll be happy to pray for Obama, just as fervently as his supporters prayed for his predecessor.

Meanwhile the Obama train wreck continues to wreak havoc. (The wreck wreaks weekly). He's siding with the wrong folks in Iran and Honduras. In his latest apologia tour, he gave away far too much to Russia, getting nothing in return. (For a good analysis see the Ralph Peters article in the NY Post).


And with the unemployment rate now 1.5% higher than the peak predicted by his highness, there's talk of putting together yet another stimulus package. We're told (constantly) about Obama's smarts. The inability to learn from past mistakes is not a sign of intelligence.
Stimulus plans never work. Not in 2002. Not in 2008. Especially not in 2009, badly designed as it was. The "experts" say not to worry. They expect the recovery to begin late this year and pick up steam next year. The trouble is, we should have seen a bump from the stimulus by now. If we're getting one, it's been negligible. And we'll have to start paying soon (i.e - higher taxes) for the "stimulus" and the bloated, pork filled budget and the bailouts and cap and trade and socialized medicine. That will throw ice water over any recovery.

Speaking of socialized medicine. A WSJ editorial today focuses on that part of the British national health system, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), that rations health care in that country. It's neither nice, nor excellent. The American equivalent, coming soon to a health care provider near you.


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