Saturday, July 11, 2009

Likeminded and Funny

It’s almost enough to make a person pity Bernard Madoff. That poor shmuck got a 150-year prison sentence, and he only screwed Americans out of about 65 billion dollars.

The words are Bert Prelutsky's, commenting on President Obama's confiscation of our nation's wealth. (Like Madoff, Obama calls his thievery investment).
Prelutsky is one columnist that I'll always read, based solely on his byline. This is not because he presents detailed and enlightening analyses of current events but because 1) He's consistently funny, and 2) He shares my amazement and outrage that radical, foolish, inexperienced (in the President's case), misguided, dishonest, ignorant, unpatriotic (etc, etc), politicians like Obama, Pelosi and Reid have managed to achieve their present positions of power. Prelutsky is also Jewish and a former liberal, so he has other commonalities with me as well.

Here are a couple of columns exhibiting Prelutsky's bewilderment and consternation about our current state of affairs. They appeared recently on!

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