Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trump Loses (And Other Stuff)

Self-proclaimed conservative "purists" believe there is little difference between squishy RINOs like John McCain or Mitt Romney and hard leftists like Barack Obama. This nonsense kept many conservatives home on Election Days 2008 and 2012 helping to elect and re-elect the worst president in American history. (Even Buchanan didn't actively damage the nation. He certainly didn't mess up the world.)

Now that some of these idiots are throwing their support to Donald Trump, I have news for them - I'm staying home November 8, 2016 if Trump gets the Republican nomination.* The reason? There really is no difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Among their similarities -- They're both well left of center ideologically, though they're both quite willing to adopt to any principle that advances their interests. They're both strong believers in and practitioners of crony capitalism. They both have no sense of decency and integrity. (Hillary's propensity to lie makes her husband seem like Abe Lincoln in that regard. Trump has the morals of a 6th grade playground bully). They both lack the wisdom for effective decision making. They both seem to be able to get away with anything. And they both became filthy rich on the backs of other people. (I don't usually like that description of the wealthy but in the case of these two it's appropriate)
Quds. Kurds. What difference does it make?!

Believe it or not, my lack of support is a problem for Trump. As I pointed out with the case of Todd Akin, my backing is necessary (though, unfortunately, not sufficient) for a general election victory - if a Republican does not get my vote, he does not win. Trump has no chance.

*A caveat - If it's Trump vs. Clinton and Jim Webb runs as a 3rd party candidate, I'll vote for Webb. Webb is a reminder what the Democratic Party used to be.

The other stuff --

The hilarity of James Lileks' National Review Athwart columns tend to mask the author's perceptive wisdom. Like few others - P.J. O'Rourke and Andrew Klavan come to mind - Lileks can generate humor from outrage, an impressive talent. Here are his most recent efforts --

The title of the John Hawkins column below makes a false assertion. Inequality is not irrelevant to economic health. Wealth creation and diminishment of poverty is positively correlated with income and wealth inequality. Otherwise, a good piece.  --

No Christians = No criminal charges or lawsuits = No coverage by NYTimesNBCWashingtonPostCNNCBSNPRetcetc.
A gay person walks into a Muslim bakery...(A pretend gay person, that is. Real gay people, the "activists" among them anyway, are too busy harassing Christians. And too understandably fearful to provoke Muslims) --

A quartet of columns explaining why invoking Scandinavia is a fallacious argument for socialism --

Bjorn Lomborg continues to spotlight the global green industry's assault on the world's poor.

The left's attack on the producers of life-saving medicines --

From Bookworm --

Voter ID

Also, in her typically long October 21 blogpost, Bookworm includes some stomach-turning photos of surviving victims of the recent Palestinian knife attacks. Keep in mind - these are survivors. What the MSM terms "the injured".
Horrifying to normal humans, the images will cheer supporters of Palestinian terrorism and leave its enablers, Messrs. Obama and Kerry, unmoved, and babbling platitudes about ending the "cycle of violence".
(Go to the 10/21 entry)

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