Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cursing At Solutions

The National Review blogsite The Corner reproduced this tweet from a Philip P. Richardson, a NY Times reporter (naturally).


So eloquent. You just have to admire the level of discourse of left wing journalists.

Addressing his "point" -- My father's family lived on the lower east side of Manhattan during the Depression - two adults and seven children in a small tenement apartment. There are few people in the U.S. today enduring worse poverty than they did. Yet, because they grew up in a strong two parent family, (which poverty did not weaken), all of the children grew up to be successful, law abiding citizens.

Richardson's obscene outburst is typical of the left's reactionary response to any conservative identifying and offering remedies for the true source of poverty. They simply don't tolerate ideas that threaten the viability of the big-government sustaining, poverty perpetuating welfare state.

Here is the video that inspired Richardson's tantrum.

Bush didn't even mention the three factors virtually guaranteeing an escape from poverty as cited by the Brookings Institution, a left leaning, (and Liz Warren hugging*), think tank.

1. Graduate from high school.
2. Wait until at least age 21 to get married and don't have children before marriage.
3. Have a full time job before starting a family.

Persons of all races following these rules have a poverty rate of two percent.

Imagine Richardson's wrath had Bush dared to be more specific as to how the poor could improve their situation.  


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