Sunday, January 3, 2010

Worthwhile Reading

Mark Steyn on the bumbling response to the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt.

Jonah Goldberg on the current misinformed capitalism-bashing craze.

Since 2000, hundreds of millions of people in China and India — home to a plurality of the world’s poor — have lifted themselves out of poverty and illiteracy thanks to capitalism.
China started to embrace markets as a last resort in the late 1970s. And by last resort, I mean last resort. First they tried murdering tens of millions of their own people through collectivism and oppression. When that didn’t work, they embraced markets, and the poverty rate dropped from 64 percent to around 8 percent today.

...Every good thing capitalism helps produce — from singing careers to cures for diseases to staggering charity — is credited to some other sphere of our lives. Every problem with capitalism, meanwhile, is laid at her feet.

And also, for the most current and best informed discussion of the goings-on in the war against radical Islam, follow the Dynamic Duo over at The Weekly Standard blogsite, Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn.
Michael Goldfarb on that site had this to say about Joscelyn.

If Obama would just replace Dennis Blair (Director of National Intelligence) with Tom Joscelyn, I'm pretty sure we'd never again have a "systemic failure" of the kind that let a known Nigerian terrorist onto a U.S. flight with a bomb in his underwear.

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