Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama's Grade Inflation

In case you're wondering how the president spends his time when he's not making speeches. (This is actually the first photo on the White House Flickr page).

It's easy to see why the narcissist-in-chief believes he deserves a B+ for his first year performance. A more realistic assessment is provided by Conrad Black on NRO. Black's scathing review still allows that Obama has a chance for a successful presidency, but only if he changes course and aligns himself with the true wishes of the American people. Obama, as yet, shows no willingness to do this. Rich Lowry notes that, "...he seems willing to do everything -- reconstitute his political team from 2008, adopt fighting rhetoric, vilify the banks -- except move to the center." If Obama doesn't move right he risks transforming his self-delusion into self-destruction.

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