Friday, April 3, 2009


Daniel Hannan is a member of the European Parliament representing South East England. His scintillating verbal evisceration of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the Parliament floor can be viewed on YouTube. It's attracted over two million views to date. Conservatives are bemoaning the fact that there is no American counterpart to do a similar number on our current President. Actually, I think there is - Sarah Palin.
She'll have to wait. Obama hasn't been in office nearly as long as Brown has and unlike Brown, he took over from someone of the opposing party. Also, the MSM has done an effective job convincing the public that the economy is in much worse shape than it is and that it's all the Republicans' fault. As the economy inevitably recovers, helped by the mildly stimulative effect of the 'stimulus' package, Obama will get credit for it. It won't be until after the Bush tax cuts expire next year and Obama's own tax increases start impeding growth will the economy sink. Then Sarah can have at it.
Or, it may be sooner if Obama flubs the handling of the one or more upcoming international crises (as he will) - Russia making a play for the Ukraine, Iran aiming a missile at Tel Aviv, North Korea aiming one at Alaska (they were really dissuaded by Obama's warning not to shoot off that last one, weren't they? Now they have to face the fury of the U.N. Ooooh, scary).
When the time comes though, Sarah Palin has the best rhetorical skills to lead the attack. She's our Daniel Hannan.

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