Sunday, November 20, 2016

With Enemies Like This...

As someone who didn't vote for Trump (or Hillary, of course), I have to admit he's looking a lot better post election. Some of this is due to his team's competent management of the transition (contra MSM reports), but much of it is related to the meltdown by the left over the results of the election. Anti-Trump riots, academic cry-ins, whining about the unfairness of the electoral college, and condescending lectures from Broadway actors are making the PEOTUS look mature, calm and in control by comparison. As several commentators have pointed out, the left's collective tantrum is having the unintended effect of cementing Trump's support, as well as shifting former NeverTrumpers over to his side. (On the other hand, the Clinton campaign supported violent anti-Trump demonstrations during the primaries, were intended to firm up his support. And they did).
If this keeps up, Trump can look forward to an easy re-election with (at the very least) Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nevada, Minnesota, Maine and New Mexico moving into his column in 2020. And then it's Pence in 2024. As David Burge recently tweeted,

Those who forget the lessons of histrionics are doomed to repeat them.

Matt Walsh --

Dear Liberals, don't lecture us about Trump when you nominated #GalCapone 

Stephen Miller --

"Gosh I'd love to fly to NYC & see a $850 a ticket musical but I have an Obamacare penalty to pay" - Every union voter in Wisconsin

Erick Erickson --

Don't be too hard on the Hamilton cast. Smug lectures while Pence undoes Obama's legacy is all they have left.

John Schindler --

I can't believe POTUS will be an inexperienced, media-created fraud who's supremely self-confident but unqualified.

But enough about 2008.

Note - All the guys quoted above were strongly anti-Trump.

In his latest G-File, Jonah Goldberg celebrates the demise of the Clintons. Joyous schadenfreude. (I guess that's redundant, isn't it?)

Haha. A rude comeuppance for a would-be Trump sign stealer. --

Larry Elder -- Why we need vouchers --

Think Obama or the Clintons would ever do this? Mitt Romney waiting in line in a NY airport for a cab to take him to his meeting with Donald Trump.

For that matter, think Obama or the Clintons would forego their $400K annual presidential salary as Trump has said he will? Even when that sum is a mere pittance compared to the Crooked Couple's usual hourly rate?

CNN --

Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a CNN analysis shows.

London Daily Mail --

Bill Clinton was once paid an astonishing $1.3 million for two days worth of speeches, an analysis of Clinton's finances published today shows.

Don't feel too bad for Hillary. She didn't go away completely empty-handed --

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