Friday, September 4, 2015

The "Greenest" Substance

One of the more blatant dishonesties of the global warming crowd's misinformation campaign is its use of the term "carbon" as in "carbon emissions". Carbon is associated with materials like coal and oil (actually hydrogenated carbon) and the hysterics use the word to spread the impression of dark, dirty pollutants befouling the earth. Of course the alleged culprit in global warming is carbon dioxide, (CO2), a colorless, odorless gas vital for life on the planet. Present at an atmospheric concentration of less than a half percent, CO2 is remarkably efficient in its life giving properties.

This week, Barack Obama visited Alaska to push for more government aid to his party's "green" benefactors. He did this by distorting the historical record of receding glaciers. In today's WSJ, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore sets the record straight. He also comments on the essential nature of CO2.

Politicians want us to believe they are saving us from ruin; religious leaders want to reinforce original sin and the need for repentance; some business leaders want us to subsidize their expensive “green” technologies; and the climate activists want their money-machine to keep on giving.

This powerful convergence of interests ignores the fact that carbon dioxide is essential for all life on Earth, that plants could use a lot more of it, and that the real threat is a cooling of the climate, not the slight warming that has occurred over the past 300 years.

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