Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is Atheism Dead? And The Prager Project

One of the more fascinating op-eds appearing in the Wall Street Journal (12/25/2014) argued that science offers virtually ironclad proof that God exists. Here is that article, written by Eric Metaxas, and his companion You Tube video making the same points.

The video is part of an ongoing series of educational efforts produced by Dennis Prager. He calls his project Prager University and it features distinguished thinkers presenting their viewpoints on contentious topics. I've listed some of the more interesting of these below.

Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore discusses the pernicious effects of attacks on the genetically modified food industry -
and the silliness of "climate change" hysterics -

Was Truman right to go nuclear against Japan? -

How the Democrats lost the Vietnam War -

Bret Stephens warns of the grave consequences of an American retreat from its role as the world's policeman -

The crypto-racism of the left -

Christina Hoff Sommers debunks the fable of the gender wage disparity -

The destructiveness of the minimum wage -

The (not so) Dark Ages -

Why is Modern Art so bad? --

Amity Schlaes on one of the most successful presidents of the 20th century, Calvin Coolidge -

Speaking of Coolidge - Long before anyone had ever heard of Arthur Laffer, Coolidge's Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon understood that lower tax rates could actually result in higher revenues. The Coolidge administration put this theory into practice and proved it to be true. Here is an explanation of how The Laffer Curve works -

The truth about Hoover and the Great Depression -

George Gilder on Why Capitalism Works -
and What Creates Wealth - and he asks Do You Pass The Israel Test? -

Alan Dershowitz on Israel's right to exist - and on the effect of Jewish West Bank settlements on peace efforts -

Jonah Goldberg dissects and dismembers the concept of "Social Justice" -

Regarding taxes - how much is a "fair share"? -

The Progressive Income Tax (A real life tale) -

Arthur Brooks dispels myths of capitalism -

Prager explains the Sixth Commandment -

Prager has also made a video denouncing the Iran nuclear deal -
It's good considering its brevity, but there are better, more detailed denunciations available, for example -
This and this from Charles Krauthammer. This from Andrew McCarthy. And this from Victor Davis Hanson.

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