Friday, May 8, 2015

The Warmongering Left

Kevin Williamson with an(other) essay on the dumb, daft and dangerous delusions of the deranged left. It's a long piece, read it all! Here are just a couple of brief excerpts.

Writing in Salon this week, Conor Lynch is positively wistful: “The mass destruction of capital around the world created a much more even playing field than before, while also placing the United States at the forefront of the world economy.”

“Destruction of capital” is a cute way of describing the slaughter of some 80 million people and the burning of their cities.

...The anti-capitalist progressives have made clear what they do not want: free trade, free exchange, nasty foreigners and their nasty cheap goods, international exchange with fewer bosses declaring who may buy and sell and under what conditions, etc. What is it they do want? You cannot have 1953 without 1943, President Eisenhower without General Eisenhower. There is only one precedent to a postwar order.
See also KW's link, expanding on one of his mantras, "Capitalism is cooperation".

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