Monday, February 23, 2015

Still Waiting For "Global Warming" To Kick In

My outdoor thermometer reading a few days ago (That's a minus sign in front of the 19) --

And I live in the Midwest well below the 45th parallel, not in Alaska.
Yeah, yeah. I know. It's just weather, not climate (an admonishment ignored by GW hysterics during hurricane and tornado seasons).
Okay, here's some climate. Below is a graph of global temperature going back a half million years as determined by ice-core drilling samples at Vostok Station in Antarctica. The little red blips are periods of relative warmth during which time life on the planet can thrive. Our existence is owed to the fortuitous timing of this being one of those rare periods. Enjoy it while you can. Coming soon, geologically speaking, is a plunge back into the depths of frigid desolation and death.


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