Saturday, March 8, 2014

Absolutely Corrupting

Some recent commentary worthy of note.

Two articles on the pernicious power of government. One by Kevin Williamson links the Russian invasion of Crimea with the inevitable abuses committed by oversized bureaucracies. And Andrew Klavan comments on the surprising conservatism of the Netflix series, "House Of  Cards".

In another piece, Williamson reveals the not widely perceived truth that it is conservatives who have a monopoly on ideas for real reform. (Jon Stewart fans will want to steer clear of this one).

Excellent column. A commenter nails it - "Once again, Mr. Williamson's amazing wordsmithing on display. I agree with a previous post that he is approaching Steyn-like status."

Charles Krauthammer on Barack Obama's culpability for Russia's move to re-establish the Soviet Empire.

And on the silliness of the "global warming" crowd.

Jim Geraghty writes of another bad week for Obamacare.

Another Obamacare horror story.

Here are the seven questions that have former IRS capo Lois Lerner doing her best Vito Genovese imitation.

Peggy Noonan is a better writer when she's angry and in her WSJ column this week she focuses her rage on New York City's new mayor, Bill DeBlasio.

Finally, a video - not recent, but suddenly relevant.
Of all the awful noises in the world - an elevated train screeching and thundering directly above; car alarms going off at three in the morning; nails scratching a blackboard; an inconsolable infant - among the worst has to be the sound of Hillary Clinton laughing. This is especially true when she's groveling before a representative of an authoritarian state and setting the stage for a resumption of the Cold War.

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