Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In A Better World...

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wins a Pulitzer Prize for the series of editorials it wrote in 2003-2004 warning that a combination of the Federal Reserve's excessively loose money policy and out of control GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises - Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) would end badly.

Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard also garners a Pulitzer for clearly exposing the lies of the Obama administration with regard to the Benghazi scandal.

Planned Parenthood is shunned by its donors for advocating that a baby born alive during an abortion attempt has no right to life - a position held by Kermit Gosnell (and Barack Obama), the practice of which got the former convicted of first degree murder.
President Mitt Romney, who gave away his entire inheritance and continues to donate a substantial portion of his income to charity and whose hard work and business acumen helped create tens of thousands of jobs, is treasured and rewarded by the society he enriched.

Having never held a real job in which he produced, something, anything, of value and whose radical ideology and anti-Americanism limits his political career to those narrow leftist redoubts which favor hollow, misguided windbags, citizen Barack Obama is regarded as the worthless, self-absorbed narcissist he really is.  
Failing that, President Obama resigns as he recognizes that his misuse of the IRS to intimidate his political opponents is precisely one of the abuses of power that led to Richard Nixon's threatened impeachment.

There would exist free markets for health care financing and education, allowing greater access to higher quality products in those areas, especially for the poor, results similar to that seen in fields which free markets currently hold sway such as telecommunications, transportation, computers, internet retailing and food.  
Conservative philosophers would give their brilliantly written books less awkward titles than "The End Is Near And It's Going To Be Awesome" (Kevin Williamson) and "The Fortunes Of Permanence: Culture And Anarchy In An Age Of Amnesia" (Roger Kimball).

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