Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bush vs Obama

One of the very few positives that emerges from a continuing Barack Obama presidency is that it inflates the quality of his predecessor's by comparison. Victor Davis Hanson (NRO) compares the two.

Also -
I'm not really a fan of Jay Nordlinger's casual writing style. He'll append some of his views and statements with a chummy "...don't ya think?" or ..."you too?" There was a local columnist for the Detroit Free Press a couple of decades ago, Bob Talbert, who used to write that way. Nordlinger is from Ann Arbor and I think that Talbert influenced him. Aside from style though, Nordlinger writes intelligently and often compellingly on a variety of policy and political issues. (And, as a musician and critic, about classical music). He has been nearly alone since the election in defending Mitt Romney from detractors, both right and left, and his latest NRO column is a lengthy paean to the great man.

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