Monday, November 5, 2012

Hitting Close To Home

I Didn't Leave The Democrats. They Left Me, is the title of a column in today's Wall Street Journal. Philanthropist, entrepreneur and son of Jewish immigrants, Sheldon G. Adelson expresses his dismay at what the Democratic Party has become and why he now strongly supports Republicans.

So why did I leave the party?
My critics nowadays like to claim it's because I got wealthy or because I didn't want to pay taxes or because of some other conservative caricature. No, the truth is the Democratic Party has changed in ways that no longer fit with someone of my upbringing.

...It's the choice that, I believe, my old immigrant Jewish neighbors would have made. They would not have let a few disagreements with Republicans void the importance of siding with the political party that better supports liberal democracies like Israel, the party that better exemplifies the spirit of charity, and the party with economic policies that would certainly be better for those Americans now looking for work.

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