Saturday, May 5, 2012

Identity Madness

From Mark Steyn's latest column on NRO - A suggestion for a "Notable and Quotable" in the Wall Street Journal.

"Just in case you’re having difficulty keeping up with all these Composite Americans, George Zimmerman, the son of a Peruvian mestiza, is the embodiment of endemic white racism and the reincarnation of Bull Connor, but Elizabeth Warren, the great-great-great-granddaughter of someone who might possibly have been listed as Cherokee on an application for a marriage license, is a heartwarming testimony to how minorities are shattering the glass ceiling in Harvard Yard. George Zimmerman, redneck; Elizabeth Warren, redskin. Under the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Laws, Ms. Warren would have been classified as Aryan and Mr. Zimmerman as non-Aryan. Now it’s the other way round. Progress!"

Incidentally, according to Michael Barone, Zimmerman had a black grandmother, making him 25% black. Warren, if the marriage license is accurate, is 3% Cherokee.

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