Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worth Reading

Bringing some sanity and perspective to the Trayvon Martin case - Two articles by Heather MacDonald, another by Juan Williams.

Obama's fatal Europe fixation.

Record warm temperatures in parts of the U.S. in March confirms global warming theories, right? Wrong.

Mark Steyn crunches some numbers.

And finally, there's this from Jay Cost (NRO) writing about the Supreme Court's consideration of the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Obamacare is a symbol of what is wrong with our system. After a 2008 presidential campaign that could have been a season of American Idol, a poorly informed electorate rashly selected a pseudo-celebrity left-winger posing as a bipartisan healer over a war hero with an actual record of bipartisanship. Similarly, the country fell for the rhetoric of seemingly moderate “New Democrats,” never realizing that they are actually led by hack machine pols from the big cities and crusty old Sixties radicals.

In both cases, the people should have known better. None of what has happened in the last three years is a surprise to anybody who paid close attention in 2008.

So in a lot of respects the people have gotten what they deserved. They brought this misery on themselves by their stubborn inattention to even the most basic of civic details. Why should they expect the Supreme Court to bail them out for their indolence? Ultimately, the people are responsible for Obamacare, so let them take care of it. Let them finally start paying attention to the unholy mess that is Washington, D.C., and do the hard work that is required of citizens of a republic.

But I have no expectation that the people will rediscover civic virtue until after disaster strikes, and I personally do not want to pay the costs of this monstrosity. Thus I am rooting hard for the Court to strike it down. I prize the wellbeing of my family over Hamiltonian nationalism!

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