Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steyn Returns

Mark Steyn recently took an extended hiatus from his column-writing duties to do...what? Well, in his absence I speculated that a) he had a serious illness, b) he was fighting yet another legal battle against Canadian authorities trying to censor him, or, c) he was writing a book. Happily, it was c). Lights Out, Steyn's look at the lawsuit brought by the Canadian Islamic Congress against Maclean's magazine for publishing excerpts from his book, America Alone, will soon appear in bookstores (both real and virtual). Can't wait. In the meantime, Steyn is in top form in three recent columns in NRO.

I particularly enjoyed the first one, a series of hilarious zingers seamlessly linked into an organic whole. Ah, to be able to write like this.

And, as we are about to get hit by the Obamacare tsunami, here also is Steyn's review of The Barbarian Invasions, the devastating portrait of Canada-style Government controlled healthcare. (Steyn broke into journalism as an arts critic).

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