Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Failed Democrats

In today's WSJ, Bret Stephens details President Obama's deplorable Human Rights record in China, Sudan, Iran and Burma. Stephens concludes with,

In Massachusetts not long ago, I found myself driving behind a car with "Free Tibet," "Save Darfur," and "Obama 08" bumper stickers. I wonder if it will ever dawn on the owner of that car that at least one of those stickers doesn't belong.


Also in today's WSJ, an editorial examines the results of Governor Jennifer Granholm's "progressive" approach to fixing Michigan's economy. Despite, actually because of, an income tax increase to 4.2% from 3.95% and a business tax surcharge levy of 22%, tax receipts are $1 billion below projections and the state's deficit has risen to $2.8 billion. And jobs continue to evaporate - the unemployment rate reaching 15.2%. No matter. Granholm is proposing more tax increases to pay for her 637,000 public employees. Granholm continues to pay off her union benefactors while her state withers away. The editorial concludes with,

The decline in auto sales has hurt Michigan more than other states, but the state's economy would have been better equipped to cope without Ms. Granholm's policy mix of higher taxes in order to spend more money on favored political and corporate interests. If any larger good can come of the experience, it is that Michigan is teaching other states how not to govern.


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