Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unasked Questions

A couple of questions that the mainstream media seems totally disinterested in asking :

1. What would the situation in Iraq and the mideast and the world be today if we had not invaded and liberated that country? If we had just slinked out of Kuwait leaving behind Saddam and his even more murderous sons in charge along with their ambitions to develop, produce and use WMDs? Leaving behind the heinous al-Queda operative Abu Musab al Zarqawi with access to Saddam's WMDs?

2. Exactly who was it that forged that fake memo concerning Bush's National Guard service, attempting to influence the outcome of the 2004 Presidential election? Maybe a Democrat who may now be a member of Obama's staff? Some MSNBC "journalist"? Bill Moyers? Anyone interested?

No, I guess not. It's much more important to investigate Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy or Joe the Plumber's driving record.

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